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Wat is belangrijker in de fokkerij?
(08-03-2010, 11:31 AM)Alpacas of the Lowlands schreef: Mijn vraag was:

I  heard a story on a forum here in The Netherlands that the crimp in the fiber makes it harder for the industry to process?
I think this isn't true! Am I correct?
Thank you for answering,
Many greetings,
Leo van Merwijk

Het antwoord:

You certainly are - crimp means several things - firstly a highly crimped fleece with small staples indicates density and fineness. Secondly the crimp retains its memory and helps to hold the yarn together. Non crimped fleeces are generally very low in density and often very coarse. You find some of the earlier Chilean animals have fine fleeces, no crimp to speak of but absolutely no density so commercially not helpful. Crimp does NOT make it harder to process, that's absolute bollocks.

DUS CRIMP IS BELANGRIJK VOLGENS DE VERWERKERS. Reactie van Amerikaanse verwerker volgt...!

Reactie van Amerikaanse verwerker is nooit gekomen, maar hieronder heb ik een stukje tekst dat daar waarschijnlijk naar moet verwijzen:

But what about crimp? Alpaca is considered a low crimp fiber and although processors do not pay more for highly crimped fibre they are convinced of its importance in processing efficiency and resistance to compression. Carlos Montalvo, manager of textile processing at Grupo Inca, says that to improve the quality of alpaca fiber for the manufacturer: ‘First it should be finer and more uniform. This would allow us to create lighter weight garments. Next I would like to see more crimp, which would allow us to spin a finer yarn, creating lighter garments. If the fleece has crimp it has more hooks or links, and a greater ability to hold together when spun at high speeds, which allows the creation of a fine yarn. Crimp creates more resilience and elasticity in the final product, which makes a garment that stretches and moves when it is worn. And resilience in the fiber keeps it from breaking up in the combing and spinning process, so there are less ends in the yarn, adding to comfort.’

In dit geval blijkt deze verwerker crimp dus wel ontzettend belangrijk te vinden. Zo blijven de meningen verschillen. Doe ermee wat je wilt.
Kennis is macht, kennis delen is Kracht.

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